Ian and I went on a hike in the Olympic National Forest today. 

The amount of positive criticism I’ve received on this image amazes me. I’m entering it into a contest we have for work and I am so excited that a previous winner for a best in category thinks I could place with this image. Thank you so much Success for having me do your promos again and for being freaking awesome with your ideas (as always!!). I still have some minor editing to do before I submit it, but I’m excited. 

Brittany’s one of my favorite model/adventurers. We’re going to Vance Creek Bridge on Tuesday. I can’t wait. 

Brittany and I took photos today.

Already booking my first wedding for this summer.

Lakewold Gardens Preferred Event Partners

:D :D :D

Having connections is rad; I’m going to set up a photo booth at Lakewold Gardens for their Mother’s Day event. Then I’ll be on their preferred vendors list.


So, I put up some new blog posts. 



October 13th, 2012
Quesadilla Factory, Centralia, WA

Have this signed poster :)

Hey, this is still getting passed around. Centralia, yer famous.

2farts2furious asked:
find me a pretty lady or a cute twink and lets do it

attn Tumblr, anyone want to model for me and be paired with this fella? Paint War pictures! 

Deception Pass on Flickr.

Wedding Flowers on Flickr.

Wedding Flowers on Flickr.

Last night at The New Frontier Lounge was great. 

Go listen to some incredible Tacoma music: